Rental Criteria

Our Rental Criteria is our guideline for approving new tenants. If you feel like you would be a great tenant but do not meet all the criteria below it is OK. We do consider all circumstances when making a rental decision so please just call and speak with a Property Manager about your application.

Rental History

* Proper notice given to current or previous landlords

* Twelve months of verifiable rental history or home ownership

* No outstanding money owed to a landlord or Property Management Company

* No evictions

Employment History

* Twelve months of current employment or six months in a similar job

* Self-employed persons will need to show proof of income (tax returns, etc.)

Income Requirements

* While we do not have a hard and fast rule about income, in general your gross income (including co-applicant) should be roughly triple the rent amount.

* Ability to pay all deposits and rent in full prior to move-in. In some circumstances, we may be able to arrange for alternate payment options. Please speak with one of our Property Managers for more information.

Credit Requirements

* Established credit history

*  No un-discharged bankruptcies

I.D. Required

* Each applicant 18 years of age and over will be required to produce a photo I.D. ( e.g., a driver’s license or other government issued photo identification card)

Criminal Records

* Criminal convictions within the last seven years may result in the denial of your application

* The above criteria is subject to change without notice and due to individual circumstances